Work Experiences

Aug 2022 - Present


  • Staff Mobile Software Engineer
Mar 2020 - Present

Sand Hill Angels

  • Angel Investor
Feb 2020 - Jul 2022


  • Senior Software Engineer
    • Improved user first day funding rate (key user growth metric) by rebuilding bank linking and money transferring.
    • Reduced million dollars of negative equity per year by introducing user photo ID upload and review.
    • Automated trade surveillance and reduced regulatory risk by building data pipeline that extracted order and execution data.
    • Greatly improved employee productivity by procuring an internal search solution and integrating it with various internal data sources.
Oct 2018 - Present

Tech Career LLC

  • Career Coach
    • Coaching software engineers for career growth through one-on-one.
    • Preparing computer science students for an upcoming industrial career.
    • Helping tech workers prepare for job application and interview.
    • Founder and CEO of the company.
Oct 2012 - Jul 2019


  • Front End Engineer
    • Reduced daily error impacted mobile web user from 38% to 15% by overriding mobile browser resource fetching and fixing a lot of bugs.
    • Improved desktop web user experience by measuring, analyzing and optimizing end-to-end performance.
    • Gave recommendation on whether the User Growth organization should adopt React Native by shipping a project with React Native and iOS native in parallel.
    • User Growth Moonshot Project.
    • Eliminated 90% of bug reports from content moderators and increase their productivity by both technical and incentive means.
  • Engineering Manager (in the Moonshot Project)
  • Member of APIs@FB Steering Committee, led the Lunar New Year celebration volunteers for 7 years
  • Member of Chinese@FB Steering Committee, kickstarted coaching programs for Chinese engineers and managers
Nov 2011 - Sep 2012

Wandou Labs

  • Front-End Architect, managed the Front-End Team by setting team OKRs and mentoring engineers
May 2011 - Nov 2011


  • Software Engineer, worked on Search Direct and SearchX
Nov 2007 - Apr 2011


  • Senior Software Engineer
    • Developed Baidu Hi (Instant Messenger) web and Silverlight version.
    • Added iPhone & Android to Baidu Map API.
    • Opensourced JavaScript Library for Pattern Matching & Event Dispatch.
  • Member of Web Front-End Technical Committee
  • Member of New Search Technical Committee Product Group

Social Activities and Experiences

Online Content Creator and Influencer

  • 400k followers on Zhihu and 12k followers on Twitter
  • Co-host of Avocadotoast (a technology podcast in Chinese)
Nov 2011 - Apr 2012

John Bryce Training Trainer

  • Delivered HTML5 and JavaScript training sessions to Adobe, Canon and CA
2009, 2010

Microsoft Tech·Ed China Speaker

  • Talked about Baidu Silverlight RIA Architecture
  • Talked about Microsoft AJAX Library
  • Talked about IE9 with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Talked about ASP.NET MVC
Aug 2007 - Jan 2008

Posts and Telecommunication Press Translator

  • Translated Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action into Chinese
  • Translated Adobe AIR in Action into Chinese

Education Background

2004 - 2008

Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU)

Guangzhou, China
Major in Network Engineering, Computer Science Department
Was admitted with College Entrance Exam waived in 2004
1998 - 2004

The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University

Guangzhou, China
Also a student of the Guangdong Olympic High School